Greetings and welcome to my forum on Living Free! Here I hope to share with you some ideas and experiences on living free – free of too many afflictions of the body and the mind. We tend to think of freedom as political and economic freedom, to be able to make the choices that will influence the path of our lives. But first we need and want to be free of disease and discomforts – we need to be well so that we are able to exercise our other freedoms, to grow into the people we want to be and are meant to be!

Many things get in the way of our well-being today, though – there are so many challenges to being healthy and fit and free! I am lucky- I am 50 years old but feel like I am 30 – or younger.  I can’t really put an age on how I feel because I just feel good – every day! And I feel so blessed to feel so good all the time! And I have been moved by so many people  – especially teenagers and young adults who are already experiencing discomfort and un-wellness in their young lives, and are searching for ways to be freer.

In particular, I’ve been inspired by my two sons who have also expressed and proven interest in the same health and well-being that is on my mind everyday. So here I want to share some of my experiences and thoughts here with you on how to have the maximum effect on your well-being so you can become the unique and fabulous person you want to be.

Here are my top tips for well-being:

  1. Breathe through your nose (we will keep coming back to this all-important life sustaining practice!)
  2. Eat well
  3. Sleep well

That’s it. Everything else falls into one or all of these categories. Everything else is just part of one or all of these three all-important potentially life-changing principles.

I probably fooled my sons, who think that my only rule for living well and free is: PRACTICE YOGA. And they are right, really – because if you are a regular yoga practitioner, you should be well on the path of breathing through your nose/breathing well, eating well and sleeping well!

This is not a yoga blog. But – yoga will be all over this blog. It will sneak in on almost every level…we will have lots of fun with that. But the traditional practice of yoga is not the only path to well-being, it’s just one of the most straightforward, so we will return to little bits and pieces of yoga… every now and then.

Love and Light